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2008 - Május

Chanel in Cannes - Hollywood goes to Cannes

61st annual Cannes Film Festival


Chan Marshall - photo by Karl Lagerfeld

Chan Marshall, the celebrated underground folk singer known as Cat Power, and a CHANEL icon, reveals some hot spots in Miami, where she has been living for the past few years.

Dinner with Karl Lagerfeld - For the Cruise 2008/9 Collection show in Miami

Before each Cruise Collection fashion show, Karl Lagerfeld organizes a private dinner where he brings together the celebrities who have traveled the world to come and see his show. This year, Karl Lagerfeld’s intimate friends and favorite actresses met at Casa Tua: Joana Preiss, Diane Kruger, Anna Mouglalis and many more… A relaxing moment before the next day’s event.

Cruise collection after party - A midnight swim in Miami

The Cruise Show after party was supposed to take place in a club on Lincoln Road, but no one wanted to abandon the Raleigh Hotel where the show had taken place. Karl Lagerfeld’s guests, a mix of superstars from the American fashion press, Miami jet setters in head-to-toe CHANEL and iconic actresses including Anna Mouglalis, Diane Kruger and Joana Preiss, all seemed thrilled about this tropical fashion break. The night ended in the pool with a midnight swim.

The united states synchronized swimming team - The final of the Cruise Collection in Miami

 The Cruise Collection, which took place around the edge of the swimming pool at Miami Beach’s Raleigh Hotel, ended in an exceptional performance by United States Synchronized Swimming champions clad in bathing caps, nose -plugs and goggles designed by CHANEL.

Cruise 2008/9 collection

“Miami is a timeless and free place. With the sea and the sun all year long, it can only be relaxing. The perfect place to show a cruise collection,” declared Karl Lagerfeld. For this season, the designer imagined a collection of chic but laid-back looks: pastel colors, a lot of summery white as well as impeccable black, vinyl and tweed jackets, striped swimsuits, silk satin flares, belted jackets in beige toweling, large and voluptuous sweaters, a combination of structured and voluminous shapes and a collection of fun and luxurious jewelry. Over 300 international celebrities were invited to the early evening show. Among those in the front row: actresses Diane Kruger and Anna Mouglalis, the young Zoe Kravitz and tennis star Anna Kournikova – without forgetting Anna Wintour, of course.

The transphotographiques exhibition in Lille

This year, the 7th edition of the Lille Transphotographiques photography festival is dedicated to the passionate and sometimes intense relationship between fashion and photography. “No one but Karl Lagerfeld could represent these two worlds so perfectly,” says Olivier Spillebout, the curator of the exhibition. “He is certainly the most emblematic person in fashion; everyone knows his work as a fashion designer, but not everyone knows him as a photographer. Karl Lagerfeld lets us into his intimate life, the result of a long-term project, a collaboration of top model Brad Kroenig and a designer behind the camera.” This “One Man Shown” shows the many faces of Brad’s masculine identity, as he poses as a “James Dean” cowboy or a contemporary playboy or in a chic tuxedo… A range of identities, which serves as a canvas for Karl Lagerfeld’s exploration of different photographic genres.

Diamond forever

It’s for a good cause: the fight against AIDS. Karl Lagerfeld and Madonna put together their talents and managed to sell this bag for 300 000 euros during the famous AMFAR dinner auction, which takes place every year at the Moulin de Mougins. For the occasion, Karl Lagerfeld designed an ultra-luxurious black version of the “Diamond Forever” bag with a white gold double “C” clasp covered in 334 diamonds (to be precise, 3.56 carats…), all held up by a white gold chain lined with alligator skin. Madonna also added her personal touch to this must-have bag: her own lipstick and a handkerchief with a carmine red kiss.

Tokyo – Mobile Art

  After Hong Kong, Mobile Art opened its doors in Tokyo. The pavilion that Zaha Hadid designed to welcome a contemporary art exhibition was set up in the center of the capital, on the site of the National Yoyogi Stadium, which was built by architect Kenzo Tange for the 1964 Olympic Games. The choice of this location is no coincidence; it allows a strong visual dialogue between 60’s Japanese utopian architecture and Zaha Hadid’s ultra-contemporary signature: fluid shapes, organic lines, and volumes without heaviness. After the Pavilion’s surprising arrival and the magic of its incredibly rapid construction (less than one month), Mobile Art has merged into Tokyo’s urban chaos, full of accidents, stylistic breakups, and clashes between extreme modernity and tradition.




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